Welcome to The Fit Mother Project

We're the #1 Fitness Program & Community for Busy Moms 40+. Join us to start your transformation!

What is The Fit Mother Project?

Welcome to the Fit Mother Project! We are the Fitness Program & Community for Moms 40+ with over 10,000 Members worldwide who are experiencing life-changing results!

We help busy Moms 40+ lose fat, tone up, reverse diseases, and create healthy habits for life. We believe that today's stressful modern society makes it so easy for Moms to get out of shape, feel overwhelmed, and lose health & vitality as you get older.

We created this Fit Mother Program & Community to be the ANSWER for every busy Mom 40+ who wants to live healthier for both herself and her family. When you join our program & community, we literally hand you the proven program to sustainable health & fitness for Moms 40+... and then we walk with you to success, every step of the way!

We do this work because we believe the world needs more Fit Mothers & healthier families. We believe that every Mom desires a healthy & fit body for life. We want you to LOVE the way you look and feel... especially as you get older. We've created the BEST Program & Community to help you succeed with all of this longterm!

What are the benefits of joining FMP?

Moms 40+ who join the Fit Mother Program & Community experience the following:

  • Rapid & sustainable fat loss
  • Dramatic increase in energy and confidence
  • Drop in waist size, pant size, and dress size
  • Increased muscle mass & strength
  • Ease and sustainability in daily routines
  • Better sleep, mood, and happiness
  • Decrease in aches & pains; improvement in flexibility
  • Freedom from addictions (sugar, alcohol, negative thinking)
  • Improved blood work & health
  • Better role model for their families
  • Deep connection, friendship, and purpose

What's included when I join?

This Fit Mother Program & Community includes everything you need to win:

  • Sustainable Healthy Eating Plan (simple & enjoyable to follow)
  • Workouts for Women 40+ (safe, effective, time-efficient)
  • Coaching & Accountability (you're supported by our team of Doctors & Trainers)
  • Mindset & Motivation Support (to rewire old habits & patterns)
  • The FMP Sisterhood Community (get inspiration & support from 10,000 Moms)
  • Fit Father Podcasts, Videos, & Articles (the best health info for Moms 40+)
  • Advice & Strategy for Every Scenario ( how to stay healthy while traveling, how to enjoy alcohol or "cheat meals" on occasion, how to reverse aches & joint pains, how to improve sleep and energy levels, how to help your family live healthier too)
  • All Available via our Mobile App